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Surrender to the Serenity in Simple


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Surrender to the Serenity in Simple:
Today as parents, companies market that we NEED so many products and gadgets to care for our new babies. As we walk down the isles at the baby stores we see items for the nursing baby we can buy or add to our registries. While shopping is fun, and so are gifts, it’s important to balance the marketing with reality. Some of these products are handy or comforting, others distract from bigger problems. It’s the distracting ones that can lead to an avalanche of challenges for a nursing mom. Knowing what is handy and what can be problematic puts mama ahead of the game and allows her to make informed choices about the goodies she chooses. balance

There are Pocket Nannies, Vibrational nursing alarms, and jewelry designed to remind Mom what side to nurse on, when to nurse, and for how long. Their intention is to help the new parents. But, research shows that Milk production is related to how often a baby is at the breast actively nursing. When feedings are restricted or infrequent supply is affected and decreases. When relying on the device or clock to bring the healthy baby to the breast it can have a negative affect. Don’t rely on the time or device, rely on the baby. Moms only need feeding cues as the timer for baby’s next feed. Below is a tear off sheet from La Leche League describing those feeding cues. http://www.llli.org/…/WAB_Tear_sheet_To…/04_feeding_cues.pdf

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