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When should I give my baby solids?

When should I give my baby solids?


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Milk Moment by Sacred Milk:

When should I give my baby solids?
The intestinal tract of babies is permeable (open) until they are about 6 months old. What does this mean? It means whatever baby eats has an open door into their blood stream until their intestinal tract closes. Why is this important? Baby’s body is designed to consume and digest only the milk of its mother until their bodies are mature enough (the intestinal tract is closed) to introduce other foods. When babies eat foods or artificial baby milk containing non human proteins and other components their body isn’t ready to digest, these substances damage their gut, enter the bloodstream and cause allergic and/or inflammatory responses.


A baby shows outward signs they are ready for solids:
+ Baby is sitting up on his own
+ Baby can pick up food with the pincer grip- using the thumb and his forefinger
+ Baby can chew and swallow- does not thrust out food with his tongue


For more information on beginning solids, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, published by LLLI, Baby-Led Weaning: Helping Your Baby Love Good Food by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett, and My Child Won’t Eat! by Dr. Carlos Gonzalez.

Photo credit: Alexandra DeFurio, Elena Rego, and Tnah Louise


Surrender to the Serenity in Simple


Milk Monday
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Surrender to the Serenity in Simple:
Today as parents, companies market that we NEED so many products and gadgets to care for our new babies. As we walk down the isles at the baby stores we see items for the nursing baby we can buy or add to our registries. While shopping is fun, and so are gifts, it’s important to balance the marketing with reality. Some of these products are handy or comforting, others distract from bigger problems. It’s the distracting ones that can lead to an avalanche of challenges for a nursing mom. Knowing what is handy and what can be problematic puts mama ahead of the game and allows her to make informed choices about the goodies she chooses. balance

There are Pocket Nannies, Vibrational nursing alarms, and jewelry designed to remind Mom what side to nurse on, when to nurse, and for how long. Their intention is to help the new parents. But, research shows that Milk production is related to how often a baby is at the breast actively nursing. When feedings are restricted or infrequent supply is affected and decreases. When relying on the device or clock to bring the healthy baby to the breast it can have a negative affect. Don’t rely on the time or device, rely on the baby. Moms only need feeding cues as the timer for baby’s next feed. Below is a tear off sheet from La Leche League describing those feeding cues.…/WAB_Tear_sheet_To…/04_feeding_cues.pdf

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A Warm Cuppa


Milk Monday

Milk Moment from Sacred Milk :

When caring for a nursling it’s imperative to take time to nourish yourself. A warm Cuppa can provide you with that nurturing practice and assist in filling up your cup. This practice of opening space for yourself and taking time to prepare yourself a warm beverage is good for your peace of mind, and good for your soul. Choose a time early before your little ones wake up, or after they go down for a nap or at bedtime and make it a ritual. Choose a beautiful cup, saucer, and a special spoon. Do you have a daily ritual that includes a warm coffee or tea? Do you have a special cup just for you? Do you get up a tad earlier than your baby just to enjoy your warm Cuppa solo and while it’s warm?


Bring them Back with our MILK



Why Milk Is SacredThe journey of pregnancy into birthing our babies is indeed sacred, powerful. It is an inward harnessing of the force of universal creation.
We are confronted with what is raw and truly deep within us.
We surrender to what is.
We birth.
Once our babies are born our bodies begin to make milk, perfect nourishment drawn from us.
Rather than separate from our baby once the umbilical cord is cut, we draw them back to us with our milk.